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Simon Morris Associates  please contact us for more information
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Effective art object mount making combines overall aesthetic considerations with a concern for each object's nature and safety. Avoiding problems and adverse reactions from use of incompatible materials. With our background in design, the goal is always to create a mount that virtually disappears, there by not interfering with the integrity or silhouette of the objects they support.

Various mediums are used to present the objects to their full potential, whether brass, steel, or acrylic as there is no one solution, which is best for all.

Our object mount makers are familiar with a full range of object mount-making practices, from pinning small delicate objects, to designing and fabricating large structural mounts. These armatures are carefully padded to prevent abrading the objects, whilst keep the aesthetic appearance.

Safe, efficient installation requires skill, understanding and teamwork. Our installation team has over 17 years of international installation experience. Providing specialised tools, equipment and skilled personnel to realise the most difficult projects. Working closely with curators and sometimes the museums own mount making staff, we are able to facilitate cost effective yet stunning display solutions. Our mount making, installation and object packing case service, was established to facilitate our own in house exhibition & museum design projects. However it now allows museums, galleries and private collectors the opportunity to have beautifully crafted and designed object mounts.

For those art objects that need to travel we also have a range of tailor made, anti-vibration packing cases, which dramatically reduces the chance of breakages whilst in transit.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of object mounting, restoration, conservation or the packing of art objects. Then please call our team who will be happy to advice you, alternatively you can always send an email via our contacts page.

"the difference is in the detail"

Object Mounting
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Turning by hand a sleeve and rod mounting solution, seen here on a small lath can also be computerised using CNC machines which can produce multiples, if for example there are a series of objects that need to use exactly the same sleeve and rod system of mounting / mount  making.
Floating rod mounting solution
Led Lighting for special illuminated mounts
For larger object mounts, whether Brass or Acrylic the CNC route will produce fantastic results which could not be achieved by hand method of mount making.
Acrylic Sheet & Tied Mount Solution
The use of computer controlled laser cutting equipment, seen here enables the object to be scanned and a perfect silhouette produced. Whilst it is cutting, it is also polishing all edges. This method allows Simon Morris Associates object mounting solutions to be less obtrusive and far cheaper than other companies.
Rod & Cradle object mounting method