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Simon Morris Associates  please contact us for more information
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Effective visitor centre design enables the visitor to communicate with their public and provides a creative, safe, and meaningful context in which subjects or products can be studied and enjoyed.

Our design studios have evolved so we can offer under this broad Visitor Centre Design title:

Feasibility and concept development
Corporate design strategy
Interpretation and script writing
3D design
Branding and marketing strategy
Graphic design
Object mounting & installation
Lighting design
Project management

Together these allow our visitor centre designers to undertake any element of a project or commission.

This includes everything from the design concept stage, through supervision of manufacture and on to completion. To complement its abilities Simon Morris Associates has built, close working relationships with other professional consultants, highly respected within their fields. Their expertise includes Architecture, Inter-active Technology, and Cost Control.

If you are considering which specialist design consultants to use? Please don’t be put off by our extensive client list and projects. We have in the past experienced potential clients thinking that we will only consider large projects. This is far from the truth.
Our thoughts are a small task or project today, a larger project tomorrow.

You can rest assure, whatever the size of your project or budget you have we will always provide the project the same "attention to detail". If you are in any doubt whether we can assist you then please use our contacts page or please give our team a call.
If nothing else we will be able to steer you in the right direction.

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